Where Can You Learn Recreational Flying in New Zealand?

One of the most known types of flying in New Zealand may be recreational flying. This is because New Zealand has an expanse of land which can be much enjoyed by flying a plane over the entire length and breadth of the country. These regions contain fascinating scenery, whose view can be experienced from the height of an aircraft. New Zealand is also blessed with a vast area of airspace which allows for flight without restrictions.

Recreational flying mainly comprises different types of non-commercial flying, without special rules or competitive structures. It involves flying without necessarily competing for any special reward or prices. In recreational flying, planes are flown around primarily for the convenience, and pleasure, of flying.

As you may know by now, recreational flying is not taught within the confines of an ordinary school and requires specialized training. The best places to learn about recreational flying in New Zealand are Aero Clubs. These Aero Clubs are able to provide club members with different facilities, and equipment, to make flying as comfortable as possible. Aero Clubs are able to teach their different members recreational flying, and will also provide licenses to fly. In learning recreational flying, Aero Clubs will offer a variety of plane types to make the experience better. These Aero Clubs are found in different locations all over the country.

Listed below are Aero Clubs where recreational flying can be learnt:

• Motueka Aero Club

• Nelson Aero Club

• Marlborough Aero Club

• Bay of Islands Aero Club

• Rodney Aero Club

• North Shore Aero Club

• Auckland Aero Club

• North Otago Aero Club

• Otago Aero Club

• South Otago Aero Club

• Mercury Bay Aero Club

• Kapiti Aero Club

• Otamatea Aero Club

• Tauranga Aero Club

• Waikato Aero Club

• Gore Aero Club

• Southland Aero Club

• Central Otago Aero Club