Whanganui keeps Aero family excited with Titan Mustang addition

There is always a new and exciting thing waiting to happen in the New Zealand flying scene, and now the aero club in Whanganui just added a new spark to the works.

The club announced in September 2018 that they were adding to their fleet a sparkling Titan T-51D two-seater Mustang which will frequently graze the skied of the Northern Island and the country in general.

In an event graced by veterans of the Korean War and some members of the aero club in Wanganui, it was announced that the plane would be available for recreational flights throughout the week and public viewing over the weekend.

The presence of the veterans was especially remarkable as the T-51D was a popular figure in the Korean War that was at its extreme between 1950 and 1953. It was especially loved for its ability to quickly gain speed up to a maximum of 120knots, which made it a suitable plane for surprise attacks.

At the time of its unveiling, only three pilots were certified to fly the new Mustang plane. This is an indicator of both its uniqueness and the longevity of its absence from the market. The two factors are likely to cause of great demand in lessons to fly this particular plane.

Whanganui Aero Club instructor Leroy Johnson announced that although the outfit was not a flight school in principle, they were still open to giving training to people looking to fly this and other airplanes both for recreational and commercial trips.

The Aeroclub in Whanganui is one of the pioneer societies in New Zealand having been in existence since 1929. It has seen a number of aircraft come and go, with a particular knack for classic models. The new move is also likely to draw a reaction from another aero club before the close of 2018 given the propensity for competition in these circles.