Thrill Seekers Joy Flight Ends In Disaster

Queenstown Lake Districts in Otago was a scene of adrenalin and thrill-seeking junkies gone awry. Emergency services in the area were kept busy with two callouts within a few hours. Luckily no fatalities we recorded on the day, regardless of the accidents that took place.

The start to the chaos

The first of the accidents involved a woman who was described as qualified to pilot recreationally. The woman is thought to have been involved in a crash while skiing and paragliding near the Cardrona Alpine Resort. The women were reportedly speeding down the mountainside using both skiing and flying to make her way to the bottom. St. John was quickly made aware of the incident at 12.20 when the personal locator beacon on the ladies’ person was signaled. Cardrona Alpine Resort manager, Bridget Legnavsky, confirmed that the skifield’s paramedics and doctors had attended the scene. Speed riding is a dangerous sport and requires skill. Accidents at the speed of 140km per hour can happen in an instant even if you are experienced.

The afternoon’s events

Jack’s Point which lies south of Queenstown was the scene of the next incident for the day. Just after 3 pm, the emergency services were required on the scene once more. A man in his late 20’s is reported to have been involved in a parachute accident while enjoying a solo flight. The parachutist is believed to have landed within 50m from the buildings referred to as the NZone buildings. The accident is believed to have been caused by a chute slider that blocked the man’s line of site. He could not judge the landing, hit the ground and rolled for more than 5 m. Miraculously, the parachutist did not sustain major injuries, no fractures were reported, and the parachutist seems to be talking coherently. He was taken by ambulance to the Lake District Hospital.