Recent News About Self-Flying Taxis

The news going around in New Zealand is an awe-inspiring one, that may end up being revolutionary to the whole world. The country is set to be a pacesetter. All around New Zealand, there is testing for Pilot-less flying taxis. This testing is part of a project which was supported by Google co-founder, Larry Page. These taxis are set to revolutionize everything that relates to personal transport. It will help to reduce traffic on the roads, and will also strive to reduce accidents. The Cora taxi is electric and looks to also deal with the issue of pollution. The problem of emission of smoke from vehicles will be eliminated by this taxi.

These fascinating taxis are set to come and be a marvel to the whole world. These taxis are called Cora and are fitted with 12 small lift rotors located on its wings. This means these taxis are capable of vertical take-off and landing, just like helicopters. This is an efficient means of transport because it is quieter and safer. Urban areas will benefit from the fact that these taxis will be able to utilize rooftops and use landing pads in car parks.

According to the New Zealand Herald,self-flying taxis are being tested in the country. The Cora is said to utilize three different computers for the calculation of flight. Every Cora is able to fit two passengers, and each processor on the taxi operates by itself to maximize safety. There is however, a parachute fitted in it, to deal with extreme situations. Cora is looking to make air flight a part of the daily lives of urban dwellers. These taxis will not be sold to the public, but flights will be able to be booked online.

The taxi is being tested, and when it is finally approved, will be a great asset to the whole world.