Other Aero Clubs in New Zealand

Around the world and in New Zealand, flying is becoming increasingly popular. The rise in flight has warranted the need to learn the techniques of flying. As a lover of flying, it is vital that you understand the importance of Aero Clubs. New Zealand is noted for different activities. It is also a land renowned for flying. People from around the world and New Zealanders engage in different kinds of flying all across the country. The backbone to a thriving non-commercial flight system in New Zealand is the Aero Club. Aero Clubs are simply organizations that are structured to provide training for non-commercial pilots and acquisition of professional licenses. Each Aero Club is able to train pilots on different types of flying, namely:

• Recreational flying: A special type of non-commercial flying without necessarily following any rules. It also involves flying without adhering to any structured competitions. It is basically comprised of three types, namely; sport, scenic and leisure flying.

• Competition flying: A non-commercial type of flying comprising of different pilots competing for rewards or prizes.

An Aero Club offers much more than just training. They also provide services which include:

• Creating flight experiences for pilots of varying skills and ages.

• Provision of flight licenses in different airfields all over the country.

• Allows for the interaction of different pilots to ensure that pilots are able to form a community.

As a registered member of any Aero Club, you will be provided with different aircraft and impressive facilities. These facilities are all to be used for the benefit of the pilots in the Aero Club. Planes are not just provided for the pilots, the pilots are also monitored in order to track their progress and determine how best to improve them.

Notable Aero Clubs located in New Zealand are;

• Motueka Aero Club

• Nelson Aero Club

• Mariborough Aero Club

• Bay of Islands Aero Club

• Rodney Aero Club.