New Zealand from Above

New Zealand; this beautiful island nation in the southern Pacific, attracts more and more visitors. This is no surprise; the island has everything to offer. From hills to national parks, from the sea to mountains, and untouched green nature for miles and miles. Ever since the movie The Lord of the Rings was filmed here, the island is known by almost everyone. The life of New Zealand is a feast for the eyes and invites you to take long hikes or bike tours. But not only ideal for cross-country trips, but the island is also stunning from above.

Flying over Mount Cook National Park, Lake Tekapo, small villages, Mount Tasman, icebergs in the Tasman region, and the many other parts of New Zealand, is immensely beautiful, and always worth the time.

People who have already flown over New Zealand claim that seeing it from above is very different from visiting the country on the ground. This is another reason to experience New Zealand from a bird’s eye view.

We do recommend though, that you inform yourself before you go on a flight. Which region do you really want to see from above?

In the following short list, we will show you which places you should see from the skies, and we will give you a brief description.

Mount Cook National Park

Mount Cook National Park is 707 km² in area. It is in the south of New Zealand and is famous for its beautiful flowers, and thousands of birds, as well as massive snowy mountains.

Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo lies in the Southern Alps, and it is most beautiful when seen at night time. Its turquoise colour combined with the bright evening light guarantees a perfect view from above.

Tasman Region

Long beaches, clear blue rivers and many forests can be seen when flying over the Tasman region. It can be found in the north of South Island in New Zealand.