Learn Recreational Flying at Sports Flying Academy

Dreaming to fly an aircraft but wondering where to get trained? Sports Flying Academy is the perfect institution to help you realize your dream. Dedicated to offering microlight training, this academy has all it takes to mold you into a complete recreational aircraft operator. The institution is based in Whangarei (at Onerahi airport), and it prides itself on promoting high-quality recreational aviation. Since Sports Flying Academy is not a club, there is nothing like membership fees, making learning cost-effective.

Why the Academy Was Established

The founders of Sports Flying Academy were motivated by the need to offer high-quality microlight flight training, which was lacking in many flight training institutions throughout New Zealand. Since modern microlight aircraft are sophisticated machines, they need operators with the high level of aviation knowledge and skills, and the institution was founded to offer this level of expertise. The instructors are well-trained general aviation pilots, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in aircraft flying, and they are also passionate about the art.


With modern aircrafts maintained regularly by a Licenced Aeronautical Maintenance Engineer (L.A.M.E.), students at Sports Flying Academy can rest assured that they will be operating in an environment where their safety is guaranteed. Every aircraft is fitted with a satellite tracking system, which tracks the machine in real time, while it is in the air. In case of any mechanical problem, the system will send information to the institution’s rescue team, for an appropriate remedy to be affected. Still, on safety, the school offers high-speed internet within its hangar, making it possible for instructors and students to monitor the weather conditions, for safety purposes.

Trial Flights Offered

Sports Flying Academy offers trials flights as a way of introducing students to the fun in the air. The trials involve operating the aircraft under the guidance and supervision of an expert instructor.