Information on different Aero Clubs

In different locations all over the world, a lot of people have begun to take up flying both as a career and as a hobby and New Zealand is no exception. The spike in the number of pilots and aspiring pilots have made it important to educate themselves on best practices. Pilots and aspiring pilots are supposed to understand the importance of Aero Clubs. A lot of tourists and citizens come around to New Zealand to indulge themselves in different forms of flying. An Aero Club is vital to a successful flight system. Aero clubs are similar to normal clubs, but they are designed to train aspiring and amateur pilots and provide them with different licenses. Every Aero Club has facilities to train their pilots on some types of flying. The training will ensure such skills are of the best quality. These types of flying include;

• Pleasure flying: This is an impressive type of flying which involves just flying without having to follow a certain pattern. There are three basic types of pleasure flying. These are; scenic, pleasure and sport flying.

• Non-pleasure flying: This is a form of flight in which all the pilots have to follow a certain pattern. Pilots have to represent something or someone at such events.

All the Aero clubs around do more than just training. They also involve themselves in other activities such as;

• Providing pilots of different ages and skills the opportunity to fly.

• Licensing pilots to fly in a variety of airfields

• Provision of an avenue for pilots to come together as a society.

Members of Aero Clubs will have exclusive rights to aircrafts of different types and club facilities. All these will aid the training process.

Common Aero Clubs are found in different locations all around New Zealand.