Children Take To The Playground To Fly

For a town that has a history and a culture built around aviation, a plane-themed park for children is something likely to keep that spirit alive. Fostering a love for aviation in children from a young age will perhaps solidify their part in their careers later on in life. Honestly speaking, what child hasn’t dreamed of flying up in the clouds? Marlborough Miles Aviation Site is set to bring many childhood dreams to reality, and all while having fun in the park.

The idea is released

Aitken Taylor, a design company in the region, was given the responsibility of designing the board on which the idea was floated to the public. They had full control of the design, where it was placed, and, of course, how the board would be used. The blackboard measures about 1.2m and will be resident there for a number of weeks. It was strategically placed on the corner of Market Street and Charles Street.

Laying it all out there

The blackboard is expected to ask six questions over a period of six weeks. Each question relating to a strategic and significant place along the aviation mile. The aim is to create a tour of sorts that will focus on sharing the culture of aviation to the town. There are a number of sites already scheduled to be included, as well as a variety of events. A number of other themes were explored before that of aviation, however, the latter seems to be the most suited to the town. Business and individuals are being included in the creation of something that could be magical for the aviation-centred town. They have been invited to submit their own submissions and ideas. Keeping aviation alive will ensure that the heritage and culture for which the area is known, never dies.