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Thrill Seekers Joy Flight Ends In Disaster

Queenstown Lake Districts in Otago was a scene of adrenalin and thrill-seeking junkies gone awry. Emergency services in the area were kept busy with two callouts within a few hours. Luckily no fatalities we recorded on the day, regardless of the accidents that took place.

The start to the chaos

The first of the accidents involved a woman who was described as qualified to pilot recreationally. The woman is thought to have been involved in a crash while skiing and paragliding near the Cardrona Alpine Resort. The women were reportedly speeding down the mountainside using both skiing and flying to make her way to the bottom. St. John was quickly made aware of the incident at 12.20 when the personal locator beacon on the ladies’ person was signaled. Cardrona Alpine Resort manager, Bridget Legnavsky, confirmed that the skifield’s paramedics and doctors had attended the scene. Speed riding is a dangerous sport and requires skill. Accidents at the speed of 140km per hour can happen in an instant even if you are experienced.

The afternoon’s events

Jack’s Point which lies south of Queenstown was the scene of the next incident for the day. Just after 3 pm, the emergency services were required on the scene once more. A man in his late 20’s is reported to have been involved in a parachute accident while enjoying a solo flight. The parachutist is believed to have landed within 50m from the buildings referred to as the NZone buildings. The accident is believed to have been caused by a chute slider that blocked the man’s line of site. He could not judge the landing, hit the ground and rolled for more than 5 m. Miraculously, the parachutist did not sustain major injuries, no fractures were reported, and the parachutist seems to be talking coherently. He was taken by ambulance to the Lake District Hospital.

An Almost Full Size Mustang Replica Takes To The Skies

Korean War veterans, in conjunction with aero club members from the Whanganui Aero Club, welcomed the addition of the Mustang T-51 D aircraft into the fold. Mike Adams, a club member, is also the owner of the phenomenal replica. The arrival was enjoyed during an event held on the 22nd of September.

The replica

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The replica of the Mustang, a plane frequently used during the Korean War between 1950 and 1953, is not a full-scale replica, but it isn’t far off, at three-quarters the original size. The machine is powered by a 912 Rotax engine that maintains a flight cruise speed of about 120 knots. The two-seater craft is fitted with dual controls.

New home for the Mustang

Whanganui Aero Club was founded in 1929. It was renowned as the first official flight training facility in Australasia on a commercial scale. While the facility is no longer a flight school, it does still offer professional help to those seeking their license. The club is open seven days a week and is operated with the assistance of their five flight instructors. The facility also has ownership of six aircraft. Business has increased rapidly over the last few years. So much so that a new facility has been opened at Feilding Aerodrome. However, it is only operational from Friday to Sunday, each week.

More than just planes

The club is social in nature and embraces the aviation community completely. Regular events are held where like-minded individuals can meet and share experiences. Frequent aircraft trips are taken to various destinations all over New Zealand. Members often take part in aviation competitions of both national and local nature. Locals can expect to see the Mustang gracing the skies above Whanganui regularly, although only three pilots have what it takes to fly it. The community can look forward to gazing upwards and witnessing the machine in action.

Aircraft Theme

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Expansion of Regional Capacity of Air New Zealand

Regional capacity has been a slight concern for Air New Zealand. Due to this, they are looking to restore flights to Wanaka. This restoration will help to boost the regional capacity of the airline by about 20% for the next 5 years. Despite the expected restoration, there are strong reports that this will not allow any region to suffer any form of drop in attention.

According to Wanaka:http:// Wanaka is a very attractive tourist town and it has experienced an increase in the number of visiting tourists. The Wanaka airport has had more of charters and private jet flights. The growth in tourism experienced in Wanaka makes it essential for the presence of a reliable airline. It has been observed that tourists were spending too much in moving from Wanaka to New Zealand. This is a major issue which Air New Zealand is looking to eliminate. By providing a constant means of flight in and out of Wanaka, flight fare will be greatly reduced. This would make it easy for the different tourists who visit Wanaka to move into New Zealand.

The easy movement of this huge number of tourists will be of benefit to Air New Zealand and the entire New Zealand economy. There would be a considerable growth in the number of tourists coming into New Zealand. These tourists will end up buying a lot of products or spending money to go around the wonderful country. It would just be like a simple case of transferring some of the tourist traffic from Wanaka to New Zealand. The effect of tourists was noticeable as there is an annual injection of about $502million into the Wanaka economy. New Zealand stands to gain a lot of growth from the extension of this regional capacity. Air New Zealand will also not be left out of benefiting from this growth in regional capacity.