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Whanganui keeps Aero family excited with Titan Mustang addition

There is always a new and exciting thing waiting to happen in the New Zealand flying scene, and now the aero club in Whanganui just added a new spark to the works.

The club announced in September 2018 that they were adding to their fleet a sparkling Titan T-51D two-seater Mustang which will frequently graze the skied of the Northern Island and the country in general.

In an event graced by veterans of the Korean War and some members of the aero club in Wanganui, it was announced that the plane would be available for recreational flights throughout the week and public viewing over the weekend.

The presence of the veterans was especially remarkable as the T-51D was a popular figure in the Korean War that was at its extreme between 1950 and 1953. It was especially loved for its ability to quickly gain speed up to a maximum of 120knots, which made it a suitable plane for surprise attacks.

At the time of its unveiling, only three pilots were certified to fly the new Mustang plane. This is an indicator of both its uniqueness and the longevity of its absence from the market. The two factors are likely to cause of great demand in lessons to fly this particular plane.

Whanganui Aero Club instructor Leroy Johnson announced that although the outfit was not a flight school in principle, they were still open to giving training to people looking to fly this and other airplanes both for recreational and commercial trips.

The Aeroclub in Whanganui is one of the pioneer societies in New Zealand having been in existence since 1929. It has seen a number of aircraft come and go, with a particular knack for classic models. The new move is also likely to draw a reaction from another aero club before the close of 2018 given the propensity for competition in these circles.

Thrill Seekers Joy Flight Ends In Disaster

Queenstown Lake Districts in Otago was a scene of adrenalin and thrill-seeking junkies gone awry. Emergency services in the area were kept busy with two callouts within a few hours. Luckily no fatalities we recorded on the day, regardless of the accidents that took place.

The start to the chaos

The first of the accidents involved a woman who was described as qualified to pilot recreationally. The woman is thought to have been involved in a crash while skiing and paragliding near the Cardrona Alpine Resort. The women were reportedly speeding down the mountainside using both skiing and flying to make her way to the bottom. St. John was quickly made aware of the incident at 12.20 when the personal locator beacon on the ladies’ person was signaled. Cardrona Alpine Resort manager, Bridget Legnavsky, confirmed that the skifield’s paramedics and doctors had attended the scene. Speed riding is a dangerous sport and requires skill. Accidents at the speed of 140km per hour can happen in an instant even if you are experienced.

The afternoon’s events

Jack’s Point which lies south of Queenstown was the scene of the next incident for the day. Just after 3 pm, the emergency services were required on the scene once more. A man in his late 20’s is reported to have been involved in a parachute accident while enjoying a solo flight. The parachutist is believed to have landed within 50m from the buildings referred to as the NZone buildings. The accident is believed to have been caused by a chute slider that blocked the man’s line of site. He could not judge the landing, hit the ground and rolled for more than 5 m. Miraculously, the parachutist did not sustain major injuries, no fractures were reported, and the parachutist seems to be talking coherently. He was taken by ambulance to the Lake District Hospital.

Perspex Box For New Plymouth Airport Mural Declined

New Plymouth airport has had the honour of housing the commemorative mural for the past 50 years. It has been situated above the check-in area at the airport since day one. The mural signifies a milestone in New Zealand aviation. Plans to move the mural outside and housing it in a perspex box have not been met with appreciation by the District Councillors.

Renovations cause displeasure

The airport in New Plymouth is currently undergoing massive renovations and upgrading, involving costs expected to amount to approximately $25 million. The culture related design of the Puketapu Hapu will be the priority focus of the $25 million expansion. The plans include removing the Kingsford-Smith mural and placing it outside, encased in a perspex box. The display will incorporate a number of artefacts relating to aviation. The area will be in perfect view of the runway. The biggest problem is that not many will stop on their way into the airport. Let’s face it. When you land all you want to do is get into the building. The beauty and history that lies within the mural and other artefacts may be lost to the world.

Councillors not happy

Councillor Gordon Brown has voiced his displeasure at the plans to move the historical piece from its place of pride in the airport. Besides the fact that a mural of historical significance will be relocated to the outside of the building, one can only suspect that the risk of theft or damage to the mural will be an obvious factor to take into account. The mural that is taking centre stage in the debate is one which depicts the first crossing by a passenger over the Tasman Sea, and vividly shows Kingsford-Smith on arrival at Bell Block way back in 1933. You would think something so significant to aviation in New Zealand would be better treated for its historical value.

Children Take To The Playground To Fly

For a town that has a history and a culture built around aviation, a plane-themed park for children is something likely to keep that spirit alive. Fostering a love for aviation in children from a young age will perhaps solidify their part in their careers later on in life. Honestly speaking, what child hasn’t dreamed of flying up in the clouds? Marlborough Miles Aviation Site is set to bring many childhood dreams to reality, and all while having fun in the park.

The idea is released

Aitken Taylor, a design company in the region, was given the responsibility of designing the board on which the idea was floated to the public. They had full control of the design, where it was placed, and, of course, how the board would be used. The blackboard measures about 1.2m and will be resident there for a number of weeks. It was strategically placed on the corner of Market Street and Charles Street.

Laying it all out there

The blackboard is expected to ask six questions over a period of six weeks. Each question relating to a strategic and significant place along the aviation mile. The aim is to create a tour of sorts that will focus on sharing the culture of aviation to the town. There are a number of sites already scheduled to be included, as well as a variety of events. A number of other themes were explored before that of aviation, however, the latter seems to be the most suited to the town. Business and individuals are being included in the creation of something that could be magical for the aviation-centred town. They have been invited to submit their own submissions and ideas. Keeping aviation alive will ensure that the heritage and culture for which the area is known, never dies.

An Almost Full Size Mustang Replica Takes To The Skies

Korean War veterans, in conjunction with aero club members from the Whanganui Aero Club, welcomed the addition of the Mustang T-51 D aircraft into the fold. Mike Adams, a club member, is also the owner of the phenomenal replica. The arrival was enjoyed during an event held on the 22nd of September.

The replica

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The replica of the Mustang, a plane frequently used during the Korean War between 1950 and 1953, is not a full-scale replica, but it isn’t far off, at three-quarters the original size. The machine is powered by a 912 Rotax engine that maintains a flight cruise speed of about 120 knots. The two-seater craft is fitted with dual controls.

New home for the Mustang

Whanganui Aero Club was founded in 1929. It was renowned as the first official flight training facility in Australasia on a commercial scale. While the facility is no longer a flight school, it does still offer professional help to those seeking their license. The club is open seven days a week and is operated with the assistance of their five flight instructors. The facility also has ownership of six aircraft. Business has increased rapidly over the last few years. So much so that a new facility has been opened at Feilding Aerodrome. However, it is only operational from Friday to Sunday, each week.

More than just planes

The club is social in nature and embraces the aviation community completely. Regular events are held where like-minded individuals can meet and share experiences. Frequent aircraft trips are taken to various destinations all over New Zealand. Members often take part in aviation competitions of both national and local nature. Locals can expect to see the Mustang gracing the skies above Whanganui regularly, although only three pilots have what it takes to fly it. The community can look forward to gazing upwards and witnessing the machine in action.

Aero Themed Slots

Casino enthusiasts with a proclivity for flying machines will definitely fall in love with this new casino with aircraft themes. Over time, the eminence of casino slots has improved a lot. What makes these slots even realistic and fun are the visual competency, accompanied by a great audio. Imagine the ear-cracking booming sound of sonic, the roar of biplanes and jets! All sounds are perfectly engineered into the game. Well,these games make the gambler happier than ever. It is addictive, to say the least. Just head to and get more updates on roulettes with similar themes.

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Lucrative collaboration for Air New Zealand

It is important for air travellers to get the best out of their flight. The only way to keep the customers returning and ensuring their loyalty is by creating an admirable flight experience. This was surely the goal of Air New Zealand during its latest collaboration. Air New Zealand has teamed up with Allbirds to augment your flight experience. Air New Zealand, the top airline in Australasia, and the impressive footwear designer Allbirds, are looking to present the best of New Zealand to the rest of the world. They are looking to augment the comfort experienced during flight by introducing a special eye mask which will make passengers sleep better and wake up fresher than before.

According to night mask the eye mask is referred to as the “the Bird mask”. Allbirds reached an agreement to transform the regular airline eye mask into something more luxurious and comfortable. The new eye mask is said to be an awesome flight companion that can be used more than once. Allbirds uses the same special material utilised in its footwear for this eye mask. It utilises the merino wool and castor bean oil-based foam to achieve the best form of comfort. The eye mask is specially designed with well-structured eye indentations which do not restrict eye movement. It also has a special beak that helps you to shield light from interfering with sleep. There have been trials using the Air New Zealand airline to make sure that the eye mask is created to near perfection but using the feedback of customers. Both brands have successfully formed a partnership that will be beneficial to passengers. The importance of good sleep cannot be underestimated, and the eye mask will ensure you get the best out of your sleeping hours.

The bird mask will be available on Air New Zealand’s Business premier cabin throughout the month of October for certain selected routines.

Aircraft Theme

Casino slots come in very many different themes. One of the themes that have been introduced to the world of the casino is aircraft themes. This theme has found affection in the heart of many aircraft lovers.

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5×3 Reels

Using super HD screenshots from films, reels slot game brings the 1940 pilot hero to life in a very interesting style. It also features flying paraphernalia and the journalist.

With the HTML5 upgrade boosting the graphics, the slot game not only brings memories but feels more like watching an old classic film. Well, who won’t like to enjoy the gamble, while bringing back the pleasant memories of the best old fighter planes?

The programmers perfectly detailed the sound effects on bonus rounds, reel spins and other dial and button sounds. All you can hear is radio transmissions, booming planes and the revs of the propellers. These enhance the experience even more, making this casino slot a darling for the aeroplane lovers.

Another impressive feat for Air New Zealand

According to awardAir New Zealand celebrates its 10th consecutive year as the best airline in Australasia. This announcement was made at the world travel awards which was held at Hong Kong, China. This award can be said to be there top award for airlines in the region. It is awarded basically on merit to the best airline. Airlines deserving of this award will provide satisfactory all-round services, dedicated staff, and enviable maintenance routines. The services which have been provided by this airline have been unparalleled and incomparable with that of any other airlines in the region.

The award comes as no surprise based on the way and manner Air New Zealand has gone about satisfying its clients. This award is a special landmark and was gotten purely on merit. Truthfully, no airline could beat Air New Zealand to the award considering the top-quality airplanes which it uses for flight, its steadfast and dedicated staff, and its easily accessible services. A lot of people have tipped Air New Zealand to still go on with winning more awards in the future. Staff at Air New Zealand have marveled at this excellent achievement. They are however committed now, more than ever, to the continuous provision of the best airline services known to man. Air New Zealand remains unrelenting in maintaining the standard that has to lead to the acquisition of this award on 10 consecutive occasions.

Air New Zealand was also awarded as the top airline brand on Australasia for the second year in a row. Air New Zealand was responsible for winning the maiden award last year. It should be noted that the awards are given based on voting by travel and tourism professionals, and business and leisure travelers from different corners of the world.

This two award places Air New Zealand as the airline of choice in Australasia and among the best in the world.

Casino slots that gives you the first class experience

Think like you are sitting a first class seat. It is very luxurious and relaxing. Basically, people who love aircrafts love to go somewhere really high. Playing aircraft theme casino is just like traveling the world through the air.

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