Casino slots that gives you the first class experience

Think like you are sitting a first class seat. It is very luxurious and relaxing. Basically, people who love aircrafts love to go somewhere really high. Playing aircraft theme casino is just like traveling the world through the air.

One of the most popular casino slots with aircraft theme was named

Bomber Girls.

Microgaming is the company that worked for developing Bomber Girls and other excellent casino games.

You can play their other games from Lucky Nugget App as well. The apps are good and browser version are also available from Microgaming Online Casinos, Spin Palace Online Casinos and JackpotCity Online Casino.

As for the Bomber Girl, the start scenes makes you fallen love with saluted officer girl.

The motif of this slot game is beautiful women drop the bombs from the bomber.

As a default, you will start playing only with coins. If you pressed the option button, you will also able to switch the coins for dollars. Then, you can adjust the number of lines and betting amount.

Soon you will began to hear mellow peaceful music and see more fun art works.

Luckily, if you are win, you can watch the congratulations animation movie.

Although, the game is intense, mostly due to level of difficulty.

Bomber Girls has sort of complex winning rules. It is because there are so many outcomes that you can’t expect. You are required to line up the 5 reel. It seems prolific, but it is also confusing how the symbols should line up. They can go straight , diagonal or some other directions.

You will be able to receive 14 free spins at the most, 3 multipliers maximum, but you still might feel very hard.

Now, you are no longer just sitting in first class, you are actually being forced to become a speed crazy pilot.