Another impressive feat for Air New Zealand

According to awardAir New Zealand celebrates its 10th consecutive year as the best airline in Australasia. This announcement was made at the world travel awards which was held at Hong Kong, China. This award can be said to be there top award for airlines in the region. It is awarded basically on merit to the best airline. Airlines deserving of this award will provide satisfactory all-round services, dedicated staff, and enviable maintenance routines. The services which have been provided by this airline have been unparalleled and incomparable with that of any other airlines in the region.

The award comes as no surprise based on the way and manner Air New Zealand has gone about satisfying its clients. This award is a special landmark and was gotten purely on merit. Truthfully, no airline could beat Air New Zealand to the award considering the top-quality airplanes which it uses for flight, its steadfast and dedicated staff, and its easily accessible services. A lot of people have tipped Air New Zealand to still go on with winning more awards in the future. Staff at Air New Zealand have marveled at this excellent achievement. They are however committed now, more than ever, to the continuous provision of the best airline services known to man. Air New Zealand remains unrelenting in maintaining the standard that has to lead to the acquisition of this award on 10 consecutive occasions.

Air New Zealand was also awarded as the top airline brand on Australasia for the second year in a row. Air New Zealand was responsible for winning the maiden award last year. It should be noted that the awards are given based on voting by travel and tourism professionals, and business and leisure travelers from different corners of the world.

This two award places Air New Zealand as the airline of choice in Australasia and among the best in the world.