Aircraft Theme

Casino slots come in very many different themes. One of the themes that have been introduced to the world of the casino is aircraft themes. This theme has found affection in the heart of many aircraft lovers.

Aircraft themes have been getting updates to improve their quality over the years. Lately, the theme has been featuring quality animation, realistic video overlays and bombastic aircrafts audios. This has made this theme more addictive and fun than ever before.

The most striking audio features are the ear-cracking roar of Lockheed Martin, the classic sound of an old biplane and imposing noises from the fighter jet. Head straight to your device and sign up online on JackpotCity and have fun gambling on these slots.

This great experience kicks off when you place your first bet. In this theme, the function buttons resemble the meters and dials seen in the cockpit of a sonic jet. All the adjustments have been staged in a way that they mimic a pilots activities on a plane. Well, this sends thrills down your spine, and if you are an aircraft fan, you will enjoy the slot to the maximum.

5×3 Reels

Using super HD screenshots from films, reels slot game brings the 1940 pilot hero to life in a very interesting style. It also features flying paraphernalia and the journalist.

With the HTML5 upgrade boosting the graphics, the slot game not only brings memories but feels more like watching an old classic film. Well, who won’t like to enjoy the gamble, while bringing back the pleasant memories of the best old fighter planes?

The programmers perfectly detailed the sound effects on bonus rounds, reel spins and other dial and button sounds. All you can hear is radio transmissions, booming planes and the revs of the propellers. These enhance the experience even more, making this casino slot a darling for the aeroplane lovers.