Aero Themed Slots

Casino enthusiasts with a proclivity for flying machines will definitely fall in love with this new casino with aircraft themes. Over time, the eminence of casino slots has improved a lot. What makes these slots even realistic and fun are the visual competency, accompanied by a great audio. Imagine the ear-cracking booming sound of sonic, the roar of biplanes and jets! All sounds are perfectly engineered into the game. Well,these games make the gambler happier than ever. It is addictive, to say the least. Just head to and get more updates on roulettes with similar themes.

Slot players like being given the full control of the system. it makes them happier, as they imagine themselves advancing towards the enemy and spraying bullets on them. Basically, aircraft themed slots are meant for the adrenaline lovers. Most of them are themed with war airplane decorations. However, you may find a few with other types of adventurous planes.

It should be noted that just because a theme is about a flying object, it doesn’t mean that it must be an aircraft theme, no! Because in the mix, there is some type of wildcard that does not represent any form of aviation such as Superman slots. This is neither a bird theme nor a plane theme, it is simply Superman.

However, as much as King Kong may seem too much of a misplaced theme in aircraft themes, it can match the description in many aspects. While playing, you get the notion of a pilot cruising past a huge angry gorilla, sitting on the empire state building. The gorilla mustn’t take you down.

Above all, there is no more aviation-designed aircraft theme than cloud quest. This is said to be the ultimate aircraft theme in the slot game. Here are some of the others:

  • Stunt pilot
  • Red Baron
  • Bombs away
  • Flying Ace
  • Drone Wars
  • Skies the Limit
  • Combat Romance