Aero Clubs in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country brimming with great opportunities to try out different activities. A very important part of a successful non-commercial flight system in any country is the Aero Club. Aero clubs are simply organizations, which are responsible for training non-commercial pilots and providing professional licenses, such as twin and instrument ratings. Aero clubs are also able to provide pilots with a variety of flying possibilities. These types of flying include:

• Non-competition flying: This is a non-commercial type of flying in which there are no special rules or competitions. This type of flying includes sport, scenic and pleasure flying.

• Competitive flying: This is a non-commercial type of flying in which different pilots compete for a special reward.

Aero Clubs also provide other services such as:

• Provision of a flight experience for professional and amateur pilots of different ages.

• Licenses to fly planes in New Zealand air fields.

Members of different groups have access to a wide range of aircrafts and a lot of fascinating facilities. Aero clubs also offer different amenities that help to aid and ease the demands of flying on their members. It goes beyond just providing a plane and asking members to fly it. Every member is monitored in order to determine their progress.

Aero Clubs provide you with extensive training on different flying types from amateur flights, up until you are able to acquire a variety of licenses. It does not matter if you are trying to become a particular type of pilot, your local Aero Club is ready to provide valuable help. The costs of each Aero Club depend on the level of services on offer.

Notable Aero Clubs in New Zealand include:

• Canterbury Aero Club

• North Shore Aero Club

• Royal New Zealand Aero Club

• Tauranga Aero Club